Eco Flaps Strikes Deal to Make Product Available in Love’s Stores

Eco Flaps’ aerodynamic splash guards now available in 340 Love’s locations across the country

August 8, 2018 (Brentwood, Tenn.) –   Eco Flaps, the originator of ecologically-sound splash guards, is quickly gaining in popularity and changing fleet performance throughout the trucking industry. The company is excited to announce that its SmartWay-verified splash guards can now be purchased at 340 Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores around the U.S.

            “When we thought about ways we could make Eco Flaps more accessible to fleets and drivers, Love’s was an obvious partner for us. They are the premier choice when it comes to fuel, auxiliary product purchases and maintenance services for drivers on the road,” said Russell Stubbs, CEO of Eco Flaps. “Our splash guards reduce both fuel usage and maintenance. While making Eco Flaps available at Love’s will reduce the need for some of their core services, it shows that Love’s always prioritizes providing the best and safest products available to their customers.”

            Love’s stores began stocking both tractor and trailer-sized Eco Flaps on August 1, 2018. The return on investment (ROI) after purchasing a set of Eco Flaps is about 3-4 months. Verified to save users up to 2 percent in fuel, Eco Flaps prove that one small change can result in huge fuel savings.

            “Whether you’re a fleet or an owner operator, every penny matters,” said Stubbs. “Even if owner operators don’t own their own trailer, which many do not, they can still save money on fuel and maintenance by purchasing Eco Flaps for their tractor and see ROI within months.”

            Eco Flaps utilize a patented airflow design to reduce drag and inefficiency a traditional mud flap would normally create. The easy-to-install splash guards are made from a high-density nylon polymer, making them resistant to breakage. Eco Flaps are available in multiple sizes ranging from 18” x 24” to 24” x 36” to meet each truck’s dimensions and are backed by a full two-year warranty. Love’s stores will also serve as a place for carriers to go to for warranty replacements, as needed. For more information about Eco Flaps, visit

About EcoFlaps

Eco Flaps provide fleets with fuel savings, increased durability for enhanced performance, increased safety and guaranteed quality with their unique, functional design. Their molded shape and sturdy construction provide greater efficiency and durability against weather elements and extreme temperatures. They are the only splash guards that are SmartWay verified and are the best environmentally-conscious and economical option for mud flaps. Their easy-to-install, design comes in two different widths and several lengths to get a custom fit that meets all DOT requirements. There are currently more than 100,000 tractors and trailers in North America utilizing Eco Flaps to improve aerodynamics and reduce fuel costs. For more information about Eco Flaps, visit

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