Eco Flaps Blog and Announcements

McLane Company, Inc. Expects Cost Savings from MVTS Fuel Economy Testing

Las Cruces, New Mexico – February 5, 2020 – MVT Solutions, a provider of breakthrough fuel economy testing and design and development services for the trucking industry, today announced that testing and real-world analysis for McLane identified Eco Flaps as offering the most significant improvement in MPG per dollar invested.... Read More

Eco Flaps offers aerodynamic solution for tanker trucks

November 1, 2018 (Brentwood, Tenn.) – Eco Flaps is rapidly changing fleet performance throughout the trucking industry with its ecologically-sound splash guards. The company’s mud flaps are one of the most adaptable aerodynamic solutions on the market today and are SmartWay, CARB and GHG2 approved. Eco Flaps recently completed... Read More

Eco Flaps Strikes Deal to Make Product Available in Love’s Stores

Eco Flaps’ aerodynamic splash guards now available in 340 Love’s locations across the country

August 8, 2018 (Brentwood, Tenn.) –   Eco Flaps, the originator of ecologically-sound splash guards, is quickly gaining in popularity and changing fleet performance throughout the trucking industry. The company is excited... Read More

Eco Flaps, RealWheels and IMI Team Up To Optimize Highway Fuel Performance And Tire Life

Study shows reduction in fuel consumption when combining Eco Flaps, IMI EQUAL FLEXX and RealWheels wheel covers

March 26, 2018 (Brentwood, Tenn.) – Eco Flaps, the rapidly growing maker of ecologically sound splash guards that are changing fleet performance throughout the trucking industry, is proud to announce its partnership... Read More

Eco Flaps Offers Aerodynamic Solution For LTL/Multi-Trailer Segment

March 6, 2018 (Brentwood, Tenn.) – Eco Flaps, the rapidly growing provider of ecologically sound splash guards changing fleet performance throughout the trucking industry, is proud to offer one of the most adaptable aerodynamic solutions on the market today. Although Eco Flaps are classified as SmartWay, CARB and GHG2 approved, these... Read More

Eco Flaps announces ‘Run On Less’ sponsorship

Cross-country roadshow to showcase advancements in fuel efficiency

September 6, 2017 (Brentwood, Tenn.) – The North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) and Carbon War Room will launch the first-of-its-kind cross-country roadshow, Run on Less, this September, showcasing advancements in Class 8 fuel efficiency. EcoFlaps, the rapidly growing supplier of... Read More

Eco Flaps receives EPA approval for use to meet GHG2 regulations

Manufacturers utilizing Eco Flaps can account for additional CO2 & fuel reduction

August 2, 2017 (Brentwood, Tenn.) –  Eco Flaps, maker of the only SmartWay verified aerodynamic splash guards, is quickly gaining momentum in the trucking industry. The Tennessee-based company’s product is known for its ability... Read More

Eco Flaps installed on Cumberland’s NextGen C10

Cumberland International, located in Nashville, Tenn., wanted to prove a 10+ miles per gallon truck was achievable to utilize affordably on a day-to-day operation. Cumberland’s Fleet Team of Patrick Mendenhall and Matt Smart are doing just that by allowing fleets to demo possibly the most fuel-efficient class 8 truck... Read More

Eco Flaps selected as preferred aerodynamic splash guard provider for Wabash National

March 27, 2017 (Brentwood, Tenn.) –  Eco Flaps aerodynamic splash guards have been named a preferred provider of aerodynamic mud flaps by Wabash National for its commercial dry and refrigerated van trailers. Eco Flaps offers fleets an unmatched product specifically designed for durability, safety and fuel efficiency. “We couldn... Read More

Case Study: Eco Flaps provides certified fuel savings for trucking company

As trucking fleets seek out ways to squeeze more miles out of every gallon of diesel fuel, there is no piece of equipment that should be overlooked. For example, Mesilla Valley Transportation Solutions is projecting to see a significant return on their investment in Eco Flaps aerodynamic splash guards.... Read More

Reduce CSA scores with Eco Flaps

There’s no question that Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) scores significantly impact a carrier’s success, but it’s easy to lose sight of all the factors that affect a company’s score. While they might seem fairly insignificant, mud flap violations throughout your fleet... Read More

Eco Flaps receives SmartWay verification

Eco Flaps, a Tennessee-based manufacturer  of  Eco Flaps aerodynamic splash guards, announced today that the fuel saving benefits of their product have been verified at 1% by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) SmartWay program. Eco Flaps are now the first and only... Read More