- Mike Eggleton, Jr.,

Vice President, Raider Express

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"Since switching to Eco Flaps, we’ve noticed a dramatic decrease in the costs and the hassles associated with constantly replacing mud flaps on our trucks. I would absolutely recommend Eco Flaps to any fleet looking for simple ways to reduce unseen but realized maintenance expenses."

- Max L. Fuller,

Chairman & CEO, U.S. Xpress, Inc.

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"The aerated design reduces road spray while reducing aerodynamic drag. We could spec Eco Flaps just for the safety aspect alone."

- Steve O'Neal,

President, Capital City Leasing, Inc.

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"When we began looking at different splash guard options, we wanted to go with the best product on the market today. After learning about Eco Flaps unmatched durability and proven fuel savings, I am certain that we have found the best."

- Todd Holt,

President, Transportation at NFI

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"The quick ROI of fuel and maintenance savings from Eco Flaps made it impossible for us not to retrofit our entire fleet.

I also appreciate how our drivers are able to see more clearly in the rain with Eco Flap’s patented spray reduction technology. Since mud flaps are mandated by law, why wouldn’t you choose Eco Flaps, the flap that makes roads safer for your drivers and improves your fleet’s bottom line."

- Royal Jones,

Co-Owner of Mesilla Valley Transport

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"Eco Flaps passed Mesilla Valley fuel tests with flying colors.

We subjected Eco Flaps to our MVTS Fuel Economy Test, which provides very accurate and reliable answers on real-world fuel savings. The results proved that Eco Flaps save enough fuel to warrant retrofitting our entire fleet."